Voter ID Verification

One of the most important documents that can be procured by the individual is a Voter ID as this document not only allows an individual to exercise his or her right to vote, but also acts as a proof of address and identity. Applicants can apply for their Voter ID online or offline. If they wish to apply online, they can visit the website of the Chief Electoral Officer in their area and procure the forms. The relevant form will have to be filled and submitted along with the respective documents. In case individuals wish to apply offline, they will have to visit the Electoral Registration Office and procure the forms from there, fill and submit them along with the relevant documents. It is imperative for individuals to have their identity documents with themselves as verification cannot be complete without the same.

Voter ID verification process in India

  • Government Website – You must log on to the official website of the Government ( This particular website contains all the details that you must know about online Voter ID application process. You can also get to know about the documents that must be submitted during the process.
  • Fill in the correct form – If you are applying for the Voter ID card for the first time, you should fill in the details on Form-6. You will have to submit the duly filled form along with the documents required. The documents must be scanned and passport size images of the applicant must be attached wherever needed.
  • Submission of official documents – Hard copy of the official documents must be sent to the electoral office nearest to your residence. It is advisable that you submit such important documents in person and avoid sending them by courier or post.
  • Process of Voter Card Verification – When you submit the form along with the documents, they are checked properly. An electoral officer verifies your address by talking to your neighbours and other members of the society/neighbourhood.

Application Number For Voter Card Verification:

When you apply for a Voter ID, either offline or online, you must make sure that you keep a track of the application number so that you can check at any point the status of your application. You will be assigned an application number by the ECI (Election Commission of India) when you register for a voter’s ID. This number is usually a set of 11 digits.

EPIC (Electors Photo Identity Card)Number:

This is a set of unique digits that are generated when an individual enrolls for the Voter’s ID.

How does the process of Election Card Verification work?

  • Applicants will have to first procure the required form either online or offline, fill and submit it along with the required documents.
  • There are different forms available based on the requirements. For example, if applicants have to register themselves as voters for the first time, they will have to procure Form 6. If they wish to correct or change certain details in their Voter ID, they will have to submit Form 8.
  • Once this is done, based on the documents that they have submitted such as Address and Identity proof, their details will be verified.
  • Only after this is done, will they be eligible to receive a Voter ID. Applicants will also receive an acknowledgement number.
  • After all their documents have been verified, they will receive a visit from their Booth Level Officer who will come to their residence and verify relevant details. In case the details do not match, then the application will be cancelled.
  • If details are to the satisfaction of the Booth Level Officer then the verification will be complete and applicants will receive their Voter ID by post after around 2 to 3 weeks.

Why is the process of Voter ID Verification so elaborate?

India has a number of political parties vying for a seat in the country and each party will try its best to gain the maximum number of votes. There are times when methods that are unsavoury are used, compromising the integrity of elections. One of of methods through which this was done was to procure fake Voter ID cards and use this to get multiple illegal votes. Additionally, a Voter ID would be used multiple times as well. In order to curb these illicit activities and to preserve the sanctity of democracy, stringent measures have been placed when it comes to issuing Voter ID/EPIC cards.

Voter ID Verification in All States

The process mentioned above is used in all states in India. State Election Commission officers are responsible on the whole regarding the process of election and provide eligible citizens with a Voter ID card. Each state will also have a Chief Electoral Officers who are responsible for conducting State Assembly and Lok Sabha elections along with Gram Panchayat elections. The State Election Commission will have to work in tandem with the Election Commission of India for Voter ID verification in a particular state.

Voter ID Verification without ID Documents

Individuals have questions regarding whether a Voter ID can be procured or verified without necessary identity documents. However, this is not possible. Applicants will have to compulsorily provide a valid proof of identity and address along with a passport size photo, if they wish to receive their Voter ID.

FAQs on Election Card Verification

  1. What is EPIC number? Electors Photo Identity Card Number is a set of unique set of digits that’s generated when an individual enrolls for a Voter’s ID card.
  2. What is the need for tracking one’s Voter ID card? Once you’ve applied for a Voter ID card, the verification team will come to your residence or the Voter ID will be sent to your residence within two months. If this fails to happen, it means there is a problem with the application or processing of your Voter ID card. Hence, it is very important to keep a track of the processing of your Voter ID in order to be kept in the loop as to what is happening with your Voter ID application.
  3. What are the different ways through which one can track their Voter ID card? Until a few years ago, the only way one could keep track of their Voter ID card was by visiting the election office. But times have changed, as of now there are three ways through which one can track the progress of their Voter ID card. Listed below are the three ways though which you can track your Voter ID card:
    • Online through the official website of ECI
    • Via SMS
    • Calling the helpline number
  4. How can one track the status of their Voter ID online? The Government of India has launched a website through which applicants can get information about Voter ID card. The same website helps applicants track the progress of their Voter ID application. Given below are the steps that needs to be followed in order to track the progress of a Voter ID card:
    • Go to the official website of CEO Electoral.
    • Select the option ‘Know the Status of Your Application for Enrolment', which will take you to a second window where you will be asked for some basic details of the form such as the Form number.
    • You can also select the national voters’ service portal and click on the option ‘Search your Name in electoral roll’. When the link opens, you will be given two options to track your application:
      • Option 1: Enter the application number/EPIC number and state number for the website to generate the EPIC card number.
      • Option 2: Enter your name, the state, the district constituency you belong to as well as few other details required by the website so that the website will generate your Voter ID card status. To check the status, the website will ask you for the following details:
        • Name
        • Date of birth
        • Gender
        • State
        • Father’s name
        • District constituency
    • Select the ‘Search’ option once you have ensured that you have provided the right information. If the website crashes, you can re enter the details
    • A pop up message will appear if you have followed the procedure correctly
    • After verification of the voter ID card application, you will be able to view the voter card number as well as the e-Seva centre number.
  5. How can one track their Voter ID status via SMS? One can send an SMS and track their Voter ID application online easily. The applicant has to send the following message to the electoral officer: “EPIC<space>Your Voter ID Application Number”.

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