Reason for Change Address in Voter ID

A voter ID card permits the holder to take part in elections and choose representatives who will govern the country, enacting laws and administering the country, state or local body. The Indian Constitution gives all Indian citizens above the age of 18 the right to vote, with reasonable restrictions.

A voter ID card also serves as an official document for identity and address proof. As a voter ID card holder, you can use your card to register and vote in elections and also as an identity document when required.

Because of these reasons, it is important to ensure all information mentioned in the ID card is updated and correct. If you have moved residence, for example, you should update your voter ID card so it reflects your current address. Your name has to be added to the electoral roll in the constituency where you now reside, and it has to be removed from the roll in the constituency where you lived previously.

The Election Commission of India has simplified the process to update your address in your voter ID card. Instead of making different applications to include your name, to change the address on your voter ID card and to remove your name from your old constituency, you can now do all of this through a single application form.

How to Transfer my Address in Voter ID card

Transferring your address in your voter ID card can be done by submitting an application form as well as proof of your current address to the Election Officer in your constituency.

Known as transposing of name from electoral roll, you name will be moved from your old constituency’s electoral roll to the new one, retaining all your details. Your address will also be changed and another voter ID card will be issued to you.

This process can be initiated both online as well as offline, making it convenient for all voters who have changed their address to transfer their addresses in their voter ID card.

Step by Step Process to Transferring Address in Voter ID Card

Transferring your address in your voter ID card can be done by following the steps given below:

  • Collect a copy of Form 8A, the Application form for Transposition of Entry in Electoral Roll from the nearest electoral office.
  • Fill in the details requested in the form, such as your full name, state or union territory, constituency, address etc.
  • Attach proof of your current residential address, such as a copy of your electricity/telephone bills, bank pass book etc.
  • Submit the form to the electoral office nearest to your place of residence. You will be issued with a reference number, which you can use to track your application status.
  • Your application will be verified, and on successful verification, you will be issued with a voter ID card with your updated address printed on it.
  • You will also receive a notification regarding the addition of your name in the electoral roll of the constituency where you currently reside.

Online Process to Transfer Address in Voter ID card

To make it easier for voters to change their addresses on their voter ID cards, the Election Commission of India has also introduced an online application process. To transfer your current address to your voter ID card, kindly follow the instructions given below:

  • Go to the website of the Chief Election Officer for your state or Union Territory and select the “Online Voter Registration” option.
  • Select Form 8A from among the options provided, whereupon an online form will appear in a new tab.
  • Fill in the details as required, such as your name and address, state, constituency, as also your new address.
  • Upload a document that mentions your current address (such as a utility bill, bank pass book, Aadhaar card, or any official document)
  • Once you have filled and uploaded the documents, submit the form online.
  • You will receive a reference number, which you can use to track your application online.
  • Once you have submitted your application, it will be verified by the electoral officers.
  • On successful verification, you will receive your voter ID card with your present address mentioned.

Form for Transfer of Address in Voter ID card

Transferring your address on your voter ID card can be done by applying for a transposition of entry in the electoral roll. This will update your current in your voter ID card, as well as in the electoral roll in the constituency.

Form 8A is to be submitted when making this application. The online form is available on the websites of the Chief Electoral Officers for every state and Union Territory, as well as on the Election Commission of India website. It can also be downloaded from these sites.

The form is also available at all electoral offices throughout the country.

When filling the form, you will be asked to provide your name, address, state or Union Territory, district, voter ID card number among other details. You will also have to submit proof of your current address, such as an electricity or gas bill, passport or any official document.

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