Electoral Roll

An electoral roll is the a list of the names of eligible electors who are ordinarily residing in an assembly constituency. The registering authority enlists these voters in the list of that constituency. NRIs who have temporarily left the country and do not have citizenship in the country in which they reside can also apply for their names to be enlisted.

Electoral Rolls

What is Part Number of Electoral Roll?

The Part Number is a code that indicates the voter’s area of residence. The Part Number is an essential information that helps in identifying the voter’s constituency. From applying for a Voter ID to making changes, and cancellation of the ID, the Part Number plays a significant role in availing passport related services. If you are wondering about how to find the Part Number, there are two methods you can follow:

  • The simple way to find the Part Number of the electoral roll is by seeing the Voter ID of your family members or neighbors. The details will be mentioned on the reverse side of the voter’s ID. You will need to look for the information that says ‘Part Number and Name’. Considering the fact that Part Numbers are assigned based on local regions, this method is comparatively useful. However, you will also need to take into account the fact that Part Numbers change within a short distance as well. Before you finalize on the part number, you are advised to verify the details.
  • Another method of finding the Part Number is by referring to Election Commission of India (ECI)’s website. The steps are mentioned below –
  • Visit ECI’s website www.eci.nic.in (the official website of the Election Commission of India)
  • Click on ‘Name Search in Voters List’ under the useful links
  • You will see a webpage that will give you links to each Chief Electoral Officer (CEO)’s website
  • You will need the select the relevant state applicable for you
  • Once you select the state, it will redirect you to the respective CEO’s website
  • The CEO’s website will provide you with an option to search for the Part Number by name, EPIC number and the location
  • Please enter accurate details to obtain the Part Number

The Part Number allows voters and booth officials to communicate with each other. The Part Number has a significant feature in identifying constituency from around India. Every area and locality have been designated with Part Numbers. It is advisable to keep Part Number handy in order to carry out various Voter ID related services.

If you do not have a Voter ID card or wish to make changes to your existing card, you can visit National Voters’ Service Portal (NVSP) website for more information. Using the NVSP website, you can also find your Booth Level Officer (BLO), Electoral Registration Officer (ERO), and District Election Officer (DEO).

Election Commission of India (ECI)

The Election Commission of India was formed by the Constitution of India and was established in 1950. The superintendence, control and direction of the elections and the conduct of the elections is vested in the Election Commission. This body handles the elections to the Parliament and State Legislatures in every state. It also handles the elections to the office of President and Vice President of India. Becoming a Voter

Being a voter is an important part of the democratic process of the country. Voter’s participation plays an integral role in the success of a democracy. A citizen who has attained the age of 18 years is eligible to vote. As per the Representation of the People Act, 1950, the person should be 18 years of age on 1st January of the concerned year in order to be enrolled.

Eligibility requirements

  • A citizen is eligible if he or she has attained the age of 18 on the qualifying date.
  • The enrollment will be done only at the ordinary place of residence.
  • Enrollment for voting can be only at one constituency.
  • NRIs can apply remotely online using Form 6A. The place of residence will be as per the passport.
  • Service voters eligible to vote will be deemed to be an ordinary resident at their listed home address.

Voter ID Card

In order to vote, electors must get their Voter ID cards issued. Application forms are available online and at the Voter Registration and Epic Centres (VREC).

  • Online Application
    • Log on to the ECI website of your State of ordinary residence.
    • Click on Online Voter Registration.
    • If you are a new user, you will need to sign up and create a user ID and password.
    • You can then fill in the form, upload your photo, and your proof of age and residence.
    • If in case you the supporting documents fail to be uploaded, a Booth Level Officer will be sent to your address to collect the documents and verify the information you provided.
  • Offline Application
    • You can procure an application form online or at your VREC, the closest designated location, or from your Booth Level Officer. Download Form 6 for the Application for Inclusion as a New Voter for the First Time.
    • Fill in the form, paste a passport-sized photo in the space provided and sign the form.
    • Attach the documents required as proof of your age and address.
    • You can send it by post to the VREC of your Assembly Constituency.
    • You can also deliver it personally to your VREC, the closest designated location, or hand it over to your Booth level Officer.

Electoral Rolls

Once you have successfully applied for a Voter ID Card, your name will be listed in the Electoral Rolls. These Electoral Rolls have been made available online for public use by every State Election Commission. You can find these documents online and search for your name or any of your family members names to ensure you have been included in the Electoral Rolls.

  1. Search in Electoral Rolls

    To search for your name in the Electoral Rolls, visitor the Electoral Search website.

    You can search for your details using two ways:

    • Search by Details
      • Enter your Name
      • Enter your Father’s/Husband’s Name
      • Select your age or date of birth from the list.
      • Select your state
      • Select your constituency or you can locate your constituency on the map provided.
      • Enter the Captcha code and click on “Search’.
    • Search by EPIC no.
      • Enter your EPIC number
      • Select your state
      • Enter the Captcha code and click on “Search”.
  2. Deletions and Corrections in the Electoral Rolls

    The ECI has made provisions for electors to modify their details, make corrections, or deletions in case needed.


A deletion of the name of an elector can be done in case the voter is shifting residence to another constituency or polling area. A deletion can be made in case the voter has died. Deletions can also be made if a wrong entry was made. To delete a name, you must use Form 7.


If the name or any details on the Electoral Photo Identity Card is incorrect, you can modify the entry. Use Form 8 to apply for a change. You will need to submit a copy of your proof of identity and your birth certificate


If you are shifting your residence to another polling area or constituency, you will also need to shift your name in the electoral rolls. Form 8A can be filled and submitted. You need to submit a copy of your address proof.

FAQs on Electoral Roll

  1. Can a non-citizen of India apply for a Voter ID card? If you are not a citizen of India, you do not have the right to vote. Therefore there is no provision for non-citizens to apply for a Voter ID card.
  2. Can a non-resident Indian apply for a Voter ID card? Yes, NRIs are eligible to apply for Voter ID cards. There is a provision to access the form and apply online. NRIs can also apply via post or in person if they are in India. However, NRIs have no provision to vote from another country. They will have to be present in India on the Election day in order to cast their vote.
  3. Can I enroll for voting if I am a tenant? What proof of address do I submit? Yes, you can enroll as a tenant. You can visit the ERO of your area or check online to see if your name is enrolled. If it is not, you can fill in Form 6 and submit it to get your Voter’s ID. As address proof, you can submit the following:
    • Bank / Post Office passbook
    • Ration Card
    • Passport
    • Driver’s license
    • Income tax returns
    • Latest water, telephone, gas connection or electricity bill which is either in the name of the applicant or of their immediate relative.
    • Postal department’s post delivered or received at the applicant’s address.
    • Rental agreement
    • Employee ID card
    • Student Declaration Form signed by your college dean/principal/registrar
  4. I lost my Voter ID, how do I get a duplicate? To get a duplicate, you first need to file an FIR with the nearest police station. You can then submit a copy of the FIR along with Rs. 25 for a new EPIC card. Details and the dates for issuing cards will be published in all leading newspapers.
  5. A person took my details at my house for Voter’s ID. How will I know if I am enrolled?

    Please ensure that the person asking for details is an enumerator. When you give your details, you will receive a record of enumeration. This is like an acknowledgment slip. A draft roll will be published at your ERO’s office where you can check if your name is enrolled. You can also check for this information online. 

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