Career in Politics

Today if someone tells you that that are going to built their career in the field of politics, may be you will call them craggy. But the question is if career can be made in the field of medical, teaching, marketing etc. then why not in politics. True that politics is full of uncertainties, but this is also a fact that if one is determined and sincere enough then unlike in other field where one work themselves, in politics one can contribute to the betterment of the country.  After entering politics one of the major tasks is to fight the elections. Before all this is also important to know that our country is full of opportunity in the field of politics.


Self Confidence

  • If you have determined to enter politics to serve the nation then don’t change your mind rather change your ways.
  • Whether fear of failure or it is fear of loosening in the election then makes sure that one never fails but their policies do.
  • Gather courage to take right decisions at the right time.

 Belief/ Confidence

  • Bond strongly with the people. One can win by making false and tall promises, but that will not be a stable victory.
  • Take public into confidence that after victory every decision will be taken amicably and their demands will not be ignores.
  • People should be confident that you are an honest, hardworking, friendly and serving person, who is does not have ego or shows off.

 Time Management

 Like all other fields in politics also time is very important. Right decisions should be taken at the right time. One wromg decision can prove to be very costly.

 There is a saying that if you are destroying time today, time can destroy you tomorrow.

 Hard times do not stay forever but hard people do. So, don’t run away from them rather face them.

 Take care of minutes, hours will take care of themselves.


 In Martin Luthers words, ‘good leaders don’t follow people’s thoughts rather change their thoughts’. First of all be confident that you have the qualities of being a good leader. You can be a leader because you are made for your society and country and you have it in you to do something for them.

  • Come out of the house and meet 10-20 new people everyday, hear their thoughts and then say what you want to.
  • Start saving data of the people like their names, mobile numbers, addresses etc. , in your computer and mobile.
  • Form a core group of confident people. Share all your plannings and sratergies with this group only and keep them secret from the rest.
  • On the ground level do form atleast 15-20 different teams such as media wing, student wing, trade wing, labourer wing, legal wing, social media wing etc., with this core group and hand them over the task of make aware people in your favour. Here this is important to know all the wings and their office bearers contribute their time voluntarily. They need not to be paid for this. Yes, expenses for meetings and convince they can contribute or the party can pay.


Once you are done with the forming of committees  start having meetings with their heads and make stratergies about how to win the elections. Don’t take any emotional decisions. From Indira Gandhi, Atal Bihari Vajpayi to Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejrival and Nitish Kumar,  fought and won elections by making strategies. Basically while making strategy take care of the following : to fight and win elections, knowing people’s mode is very important. Trying to know what the people want is very important in politics.


In political strategy only ones who present their brand before the consumer (public) in a proper way, succeed. For example- Narendra Modi was able to convince the people that his brand is reliable in the center, while on the other hand Arvind Kejrival  was sucessful in convincing the people that his AAP brand could be trusted in a state like Delhi.


It is said that you enjoy your victory only when others are waiting for your defeat. 99% people choose easy way as there is no risk in that. But if you read great people’s story then you will get to know that they choose difficult paths and won.


  • In order to win an election in a particular area you need to understand the voter is general public only, so bond with them and act for their welfare.
  • Prepare a list of problems in your area. Usually roads, power, water, flyover, bridge, drain, cleanliness and a major cause of concern for the locals. Take these problems on your agenda for the government.
  • Make prepration before a movement, like who will issue press realease who will inform the administration and what will the formation of the movement will be.
  • In the beginning only 15-20 people will join you, but don’t worry Gandhi ji never gave importance to the number of people joining him. His movement for truth always continued.
  • Don’t try to attain cheap publicity by making workers and stone pelting, rioting etc, or else you will end up land in the problems.


During ‘India against corruption’ I came across to meet Mr. Arvind Kejrival and Manish Sisodia. On getting AAP  ticket for Araria Lok Sabha constituency, such were the emotions that nobody could stop me from joining the elections. In Araria’s geographic, economic and social network, I already had same knowledge after watching a documentary ‘ARARIA EK AAPBITI’. As it is I felt that it was the party who would like me through to joining but as soon as I landed on the ground, the principal, blew way in the air. In remote villages, these were a very few who knew the party, leave alone me. Such is the reality of the area is nearly half of the population is illiterate and poor. The change had not reached here from Delhi for fighting elections neither the party nor I had adequate funds. Lakhs had to be spent from filing nominations to publicity. People told us that the elections can be fought with money only. If you don’t have money then who told you to fight elections. Mushroom like elfish elements grown during election started parting their ways. We could collect only Rs. 3.5 lakhs by mutual contribution. There are lots of sweet-sour experiences of elections but it has taught us a lot.

  • Because of lack of literacy, people don’t understand the importance of elections.
  • People tend to think that only rich or famous can win the elections.
  • Some angel or some famous person will come and take away their and area’s poverty.
  • Politicians have different dress-codes.
  • After being hit by some goons sponsored by a party, I realized that you should also have members.
  • Always fight for issue based movements and have a sense of service for your area.
  • You can never win an election until there are dedicated and powerful workers at the booths.
  • Politics is game of opportunities, you miss and you are out.

 JOKE- WIFE : what is the reason of your defeat?

          HUSBAND : I was a victim.

          WIFE : of what?

          HUSBAND : of actual counting.


This is a myth that the leaders are the leaders by birth. This misconception got even stronger after families like Gandhi-Nehru, Mulayam Yadav-Lalu Prasad Yadav got a good grip in the political arena. But this is not fully true. We have the example of how a new party like AAP and a non-political face like Arvind Kejriwal made their presence felt in such a strong manner. In the party also leaders like Kashi Ram, Mayawati, AB Vajpayi, LK Adwani, Narendra Modi made name in the politics.


  • FEARLESSNESS AND PATIENCE – famous poet Mr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan wrote, ‘lehron s darkar nauka paar nahi hoti, koshish karne walo ki haar nahi hoti’ (you can’t cross river until you are scared of waves and those who attempt never loose.) A good leader not only has to be characteristic but also he should b fighting, fearless and one who has the ability to turn people to him even in the odd situations. Read biographies of people like Mahatma Gandhi, Thomas Alva Edison, Winston Churchill, Mary Com, Henry Ford, Indira Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, J K Rolling, Major Dhyan Chand, Albert Eienstien for inspiration.
  • POLITE AND SOFT SPOKEN – Maithili Sharan Gupt in his ‘panchvati’ has told a leader’s qualities as ‘Veer, Dheer, Gambhir’ (brave, patient, serious) A good leader is one who listens to people and maintains the dialogue. Don’t get bothered with instigating and insulting talk, rather develop tolerance within yourself.
  • EDUCATION AND ART OF SPEECH – A good leader is one who connects to public well and people relate his words with their own concerns. Use phrases and sentence properly in your language. One should be able to use some poetry at an appropriate time. The art of expression and body language can be quiet useful.
  • PRE POLL PREPRATION – Like in case of a competitive exams one starts preparing at least a year or minimum six months before it, in election also the case is same. The following questions should be addressed in your preparation-
  • Choosing constituency
  • How to collect funds for elections?
  • How to form a team of confidential people?
  • How to take people’s openions on local issues?


If the elections are being held on party basis then it is better to contest with some party ticket rather than contesting independently.

Once you become a known name in your area then it would be easier to optain ticket. It is difficult to take tickets from big time parties that why go for smaller parties and try your luck in the elections but for that you should start preparing at least a year in advance.

For optaining ticket take note to invite big leaders to your area and give gifts at different occasions.

Make a grip on the media. Keep in touch with local reporters and invite them to lunch etc at regular intervals.


The formula of winning an election also depends on party name and election symbol. Simple nd easy names attract people. It is said that real marketing is one in which one can sell a comb to a bald person and one who can sell soil on gold’s price. If you have this in you, then rest assured that you will have a wonderful poll strategy.


One very important aspect of poll strategy is promotions. You can be successful through banner, poster, handbill, wall painting, cap, cut outs, commercials (still videos).


During elections electoral slogans are of significant importance. Small but attractive slogans make road to victory easy, like BJP during Lok Sabha elections ahs launched the slogan, ‘har har modi ghar ghar modi’ and during Delhi legislative elections the AAP had a slogan,’ 5 saal kejriwal’ and in Bihar the grand alliance had said, ’badh chala Bihar fir ek bar Nitish Kumar’ and ‘jhaanse main na ayege Nitish ko jitayenge’ etc.


  • Conducting elections is no child’s play. For this you will need funds so collect them and make a list of the people who can be useful in collecting the funds.
  • Whichever teams you have formed contribute the funds among them and keep its account.
  • Organize area or village based programs and collect funds there.
  • Take donations by giving party’s helpline number and starting membership campaigns.
  • Both national and regional parties fund their candidates to fight elections.
  • More funds come in when the party is registered.
  • Form a new party and get it registered with election commission through their website


  • There are many new ways available besides traditional ways of promoting like newspapers, wall painting, loudspeakers, posters etc.
  • In order to know the mood of public, send your volunteers door to door, distribute hand bills to take their feedback.
  • On the local problems organize street plays ward watch and programs in villages and choupals and make the people join you.
  • Reach public through promotion mediums like twitter, whatsapp group, facebook, SMS, blog, hashtag etc.
  • You can opt for bulk message service to save both money and time. Some service providers charge rupees 10,000-25,000 for 50,000-1,00,000 voice messages and some providers give 100 free messages from 1 number.
  • Give your helpline number through posters/ banners at railway stations, bus stops and crowded markets.
  • Organize small rallys. In them have plays and songs. These are usefull in attracting the public.
  • Tell your volunteers to wear tshirts and caps with the slogans of your party in crowded places.
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